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Negros island hotels and resorts

Experience a happy blending of cosmopolitan and rustic lifestyle in Negros Occidental. Celebrate nature�s blessings: waterfalls, caves, mountains, rivers, springs and valleys.

Negros island hotels and resorts travel and tours

Go hiking and camping, fishing and angling, scuba diving and snorkeling, mountain biking and sky diving with guidance from reliable locals to your favorite Negros island resorts.

Negros island resorts

Offers a refreshing blend of discovery, excitement and relaxation. A tropical paradise where you can do everything, or if you prefer, absolutely nothing at all. A natural playground waiting to be explored. A place to bond and find new adventures. A place that you will return to year after year. We offer the perfect vacation for every visitor.

Negros occidental hotels

Aside from the hotels, the famous island with the �white beach in the Philippines�, we offer great travel packages as well while staying in the Negros occidental hotels.

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