Municipality of Hinigaran

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Hinigaran is a 1st class municipality in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 74,997 people in 14,342 households.


The early inhabitants of this town were the semi-primitive people called "Mundos" and "Ambaks". When traders and settlers from Panay started moving in, the natives were driven to the mountains. The new settlers were called "Tagahigad" and when the Spaniards came the place was called "Ginigaran" from the word "higad" but it was later spelled and pronounced as Hinigaran.

The town was founded in 1765 and Captain Basilio Mongcal was appointed as the first president in 1806. Among its first settlers were the families of Mongcal, Lagtapon, Cosio, Sario, David, Orin, Pido, Pabalinas, Lontayao, Javier, Vargas, Lucasan, Grijaldo, and Dano-og --some of whom were fugitives from Panay.

The Spaniards established the seat of the "pueblo" in Jacinto and Zamora Streets, and the town was governed by "Capitanes Municipales", Tenientes Absolato" and Cabeza de Barangays". When revolt against the Spanish Government broke out, Capitan Bibiano Gelvosa and his followers fought bravely against the Spaniards. He was the last "Capitan Municipal" when the Americans arrived.

Famous Landmarks

Century-old Church using Romanesque architecture is one of the old churches in the country. The walls, about two meters thick are made of limestone blocks transported from Guimaras province.

Old Church Convent. The Pacific war had destroyed several old buildings except the old convent which was guarded because it was used as temporary evacuation center of the residents who stayed in the Poblacion at the height of the Japanese mopping operation. Today, it is occupied by the La Consolacion School of the Augustinian Sisters.

Senator Esperidion Guanco Bridge was constructed in 1927 by the late Pro-Tempore Senator Esperidion Guanco. It measures 114 meters long and 6 meters wide

Mini Rizal Park is located at the public plaza in front of the century-old church. It was constructed in 1970 with monuments of the soldiers during the World War II.

Talabahan Plantation. Hinigaran is known for its oysters. The town has an oyster plantation under the bridge.

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