Municipality of Cauayan

Cauayan resorts, hotels tour packages, holidays guide Negros Occidental PhilippinesCauayan resorts, hotels tour packages, holidays guide Negros Occidental Philippines

Cauayan is a first class municipality in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Located on the southern portion of the province, it is bounded on the east by the Municipality of Ilog; on the south by the Municipality of Candoni; on the west by the progressive mining City of Sipalay and on the north by the Panay Gulf with its bountiful fishing grounds.


Tourism has recently picked up in the Cauayan Municipality, with its fine white sand beaches and diverse marine and wildlife.

Punta Bulata White Beach Resort, the most developed resort in the area, with an AA accreditation from the Department of Tourism, has seen tourists from all parts of the world who come to relax, bask in the tropical atmosphere and enjoy the marine life that is one of the best in the country.

Danjugan Island Marine Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary in Brgy. Bulata is also one of the most recognized dive spots in the region. Once featured on the cover of Mabuhay Magazine, this island has one of the most diverse and highly dense coral life in the world, comparable to the Great Barrier Reef. Visitors may go for day-trips to the island with pre-arranged visits by contacting Danjugan Island or through Punta


The Municipality of Cauayan has a rugged topography. Mt. Malipantao, considered the highest peak in the province separates the municipality from the town of Candoni and the City of Sipalay. Portion of the ranges are the remaining thick forest that needs protection where the watershed is located. The remaining portions of the municipality are slightly rolling to moderate large areas of flat lands center on the different barrios, which is much suited to agriculture.

The municipality consists mainly of the following slope distribution: From gently sloping at 0-3 percent or equivalent to 5,369.42 hectares to moderately sloping at 3-8 percent or a total of 1,059.40 hectares to rolling lands with slopes ranging from 8-18 percent which covers to about 1,716.94 hectares. Bigger portion is moderately steep with a slope distribution ranging from 18 to 30 percent having a total area of 19,419.42 hectares. However, large areas are steep and mountains with a slope 30 - 50 percent which accounts to 21,181.92 hectares and to very steep hills and mountains with a slope of over 50 percent which covers to about 3,246.90 hectares, Moderately large areas of flat land center on the different barrios. However, the southern part of the municipality is hilly. The Poblacion and the 12 barangays along the seashore are approximately 0 - 3 degrees above sea level.

Famous landmarks

Danjugan Island is the largest of the Bulata Islands in Cauayan whose white sand beaches and underwater world rich in marine life makes it a favorite destination of foreign diving enthusiasts and conservationists, particularly coming from the United Kingdom, among them the Coral Cay Conservation volunteers.

Managed by the Philippine Reefs and Rainforests Conservation Foundation, Inc, this 15 kilometers long and half kilometer wide island is comprised of lush tropical forest, five lagoons, beach and mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs.

Suha Cave is almost 20 kilometers away from the town proper. Located in Sitio Suha, Brgy. Camalandaan, the cave has stalagmites and stalactites. It has a stone in the middle that resembles a giant’s sharp teeth.