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Negros Island is the fourth largest island in the Philippines and its major city Bacolod is the fourth largest city in the Philippines, located in the middle of the Philippine Islands in the Visayan Islands between two other large Visayan islands Cebu and Panay, and Negros is just north of Mindanao Island.

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We offer Bacolod tourist attractions and surrounding places to Negros Occidental tourist spots,

Negros Island, the fourth biggest island in the Philippine archipelago, lies near the central part of the country and offering Hotels and resorts Guide Philippines.

This site is dedicated to provide you with the best travel products to the island of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Online travel guide for tourist and Filipino living in the Philippines. Its capital is Bacolod City and occupies at the northwestern half of Negros island;

It belongs one of the Visayan group, central Philippines. Negros Island is located in the southern Visayan Region of the Philippines and hosts the most beautiful beaches, tourism, and a wonderful place to visit, it is located in the South Western Part of the Philippines which is Known as the Visayas Region.

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