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One of the top destinations in the country especially for divers and nature lovers is Is Negros island.

Negros island resorts

It is not only a place to reminisce the old Spanish times, rather it�s also a perfect summer getaway to relax and be in one with the wonders of the nature and enjoy the night life Negros island

This is a quaint and charming island rich in history and culture, as well as in natural resources. Once you have visited Negros island your heart will always be here.
Bacolod City is known as �The City of Smiles and for good reason. While the Philippines in general is famous for their hospitality, Expats, tourists and locals all enjoy the Night life Negros island

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From the wonderful locals to the fantastic tourist spots as well as the great food and incredible diving; Negros island surely has it all. You can not find a better place to visit or call your home.
So tour our site and get a taste of the local flavor with our night life Negros island

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