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Experience Negros Island, enjoy the blending of cosmopolitan and rustic lifestyle, Negros Occidental is known as sugar capital of the Philippines.

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Situated in the southern Visayan Region of the Philippines and host the most beautiful beaches, tourism, and a wonderful place to visit. Find out more about Cities, resorts, Tourism, Events, Real Estate, and a complete guide .The best place to relax and have fun with the most beautiful water falls can be found only here in the Philippines with the most hospitable and friendly people.

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People from Negros are called Negrense which is pronounced Neh – Grah – Nees and are were named that by the early spaniards for being dark skinned. Occidental Negros is intensely involve in Christians, majority of the people in Negros is catholic and generally are devotedly involve, celebration of festival and town fiestas each year is strongly observe in honoring the patron saint of each cities and towns

Hospitality, sincerity, and fun loving is what makes the Negrense special; they welcome all visitors with a smile and make them feel at home. Negros is a must see tourist spot, see also the beautiful Negros resorts, and if you want to visit the real hospitality of the Filipino people roam around.

Celebrate nature's blessings, visit Negros resorts, go hiking & camping, fishing & angling, scuba diving & snorkeling and mountain biking.

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123 Lacson St. Extension
Bacolod City, 6100

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Phone: +63 34 476 4367
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