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Negros island in the Philippines

During the era of Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the Negros island in the Philippines name was changed to �Negros� because of the dark-skinned people living there. Negros was administered fromCebu until 1734, when it was made a military district of its own. The island of Negros was divided into the provinces of Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental on January 1, 1890.

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Recently, Negros island in the Philippines dominates the economy and the landscape of the province. Negros Occidental�s output of more than 1 million metric tons for crop year 2002-2003 accounts for nearly half of the country�s sugar production in an industry that generates estimated annual revenue of more than P18 Billion. There are 12 sugar mills in the province, of which only 10 are presently operational. Victorias Milling Company has the highest rated capacity with 15,000 tons cane per day.

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However, the instability of the sugar industry forced the province to shift, albeit slowly, to other high value crops and alternative industries. The diversification has proven to be successful.

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