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About Negros Island

Negros island map Philippines, Negros island resorts hotels tour packages, holidays gu   Negros Occidental occupies the northern and
western parts of Negros Island, the fourth largest
island in the Philippines located between Panay and Cebu
in the Visaya Sea, on the east the Panay Gulf
and Negros Oriental, on the west by the Panay Gulf
and Guimaras Strait, and on the south by the Sulu Sea.
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Negros Oriental

Tourist attractions:


Apo Island is a small volcanic island, 7km off the southeastern tip of Negros Island in the Philippines. It is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Dauin, Negros Oriental. Negros island resorts hotels tour packages, holidays gu Negros island beach resort Negros island resorts hotels tour packages, holidays gu

Negros Occidental

Tourist attractions:

The Bacolod City Plaza downtown has plenty of shade trees and concrete benches that make it a popular meeting place and venue of cultural performances.

The provincial Capitol, acclaimed to be the most imposing building in all of Negros, fronts a park and lagoon. Learn more about Negros tourist guide

San Sebastian Cathedral is primarily made of corals from Guimaras.

Two unique churches have gained prominence even outside the province. The Church of Saint Joseph the Worker at the Victorians compound has a psychedelic mural made of broken soda bottles. It depicts an angry Christ surrounded by brown-skinned saints. The Hacienda Rosalia Chapel in Manapla has a facade in the form of a stylised wooden salakot. It wells are made of discarded carabao cartwheels.

Bacolod City has a number of fine antique collections. Both the Torres Collection and Vega�s Antique Collection feature Chinese and indo-Chinese pottery, as well as wooden and ivory santos. Recuerdos de Bacolod displays excavated items and heirlooms. The house of Leon Guinto, the first mayor of Manila, in Talisay has a collection of antique furniture and fixtures.

Mambucal Summer resorts in Murcia is a 24 hectare mountain resort that has seven waterfalls, natural swimming pools, hot springs, picnic sheds, and lodging facilities. It is on the northwest slope of Mt. Kanlaon which itself is a national park. This volcano has two craters at the summit. It is home to more than a hundred birds species found only here, including the bleeding hearth pigeon and the Negros fruit dove.

Steam locomotives, or "Iron Dinosaurs", are still used in the sugar towns. They haul cane from the fields to the mills through narrow-gauge railroad tracks that, at certain points, span rivers and ravines.

Maskara Festival, held every fourth week of October (coinciding with the city�s anniversary) in Bacolod, climaxes in a street parade with revellers in colourful costumes and smiling masks of various designs.

Kabankalan holds a Sinulog Festival every second Sunday of January with street dancing similar to the Ati-Atihan and horse fighting.

The Pasalamat Festival in La Carlota every first of May is a labour and harvest thanksgiving fiesta, also with street dancing and a parade of farm products.

The land: The northern and western parts are largely level plains and gently rolling slopes. The remaining portion consists of mountain ranges of varied elevations.

Mt. Kanlaon at 2465 meter is the highest peak in the Visayas. Other major mountains are Mt. Madalagan and Mt. Silay.

The coastline is more irregular than that of Nergos Oriental.

There are 6 big rivers in the province, the largest of which is the Ilog River which stars from Mt. Kanlaon and empties into the Panay Gulf.

The province has two pronounced seasons, wet and dry.

A brief history:
Negros Island was originally called " Buglas", but the Spaniards changed this to Negros because of the dark skinned Negritos they found there.

Ilog was made the first capital of the province in 1743, this was later transferred to Himamaylan. Bacolod became the capital in 1849.

Negros Occidental became a province on March 10, 1917.

In 1986, the province was split into two, with the northern portion forming the new province of Negros del Norte. The Supreme Court, however, later that year declared the creation unconstitutional, making Negros Occidental whole again.
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  Massakara festival Bacolod city Negros island resorts hotels tour packages, holidays gu

The people:

The people are called Negrenses but the dialects they speak are "Ilonggo" or "Hilligaynon" (by about 85%) and "Cebuano" (by the rest), particularly in the areas boarding Tanon Strait and Negros Oriental.

Residents of the Capital of Bacolod in Negros Occidental are known as "Bacolenos"

Commerce and industry:

The province is the nations "sugar bowl", producing more than half the country sugar. Fifteen sugar centrals are located throughout the plains, the one in Victorias is said to be the worlds largest integrated sugar mill and refinery.

Because of the priority given to sugar cane, the province brings in most of its food from neighbouring islands. New crops like coffee, black pepper, and ramie are now being grown following the recent plunge in world sugar prices.

A fishing industry is based in Cadiz and fishponds can be found all over.

One of the biggest copper mines in the country is found in Sipalay.

Cottage industries produce handicrafts made from indigenous materials

Getting there and away

Boat: Ferries and passenger fast boats are going from many different places to other neighbour island - check up in books (Lonely planet is a bible in this - or contact a tourist office in a big city in the province)


PAL and other airlines is going to and from Bacolod from other city�s in the Philippines - check it up before you want to go, and where

Negros Island Guide is base in Negros Island giving you all the finest hotels and resorts on Negros Island. We are concentrating to makes your wonderful vacations here in Negros Island.

Here you will see ancestral homes and remnants of its rich history of Negros Island. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Negros. Delight your palate with the taste of an honest to goodness Negrense Chicken Inasal.

Negros Island is where the finest powdered white sugar is made. Visit the chapel of the angry Christ. Its mural at the altar shows Christ with a flaming heart and the use of vibrant colors makes it unique in its own art form. Spend some time for private devotions, take lots of photos and proceed farther north to the famous mansion at Hacienda Rosalia.

It has been great to have you here and we look forward to your fun-filled your trip. Plan your Negros Island adventure with friends and relatives. We will always have something to make your Negros holiday pleasant and fun.

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